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Touright Bicycle Shop

Touright Bicycle shop located at 124 2nd St. NE in Little Falls. The bicycle shop has been in this location for 8 years. We talked about the trending e-bikes. They are a pedal assist bike, some come with throttles, that contain a battery and a motor. The batteries can last between 35 to 90 miles, a lot of factors play into how long the battery will last. They take roughly three to six hours to charge and should not be left on the charger for longer then needed. Their are two different placements of where the motor and battery are located, in the pedal or in the rear wheel, it is recommended that you try out both to see what you like better. Dave carries Electra, Serfas & Batch for e-bikes and with everything else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to e-bikes. The Townie is the best seller for Men & Women. That would be my choice as well. The one in the picture even has a blender on the back, I can neither confirm or deny that some margaritas have been made on the back of that bike! How fun! They also carry snow shoes, cross country skis, light weight camping gear, sun glasses, helmets, bike baskets, clothing, scooters & more! They have Striders for little ones starting out on their biking journey, and they have a buy back program for kids as well, when they move up in bike size as long as they purchase it from the bike shop, you can apply the trade in value towards a new bike up to the size of an adult bike. They service anything and everything for bikes and they are hoping to do more group rides this summer. Dave is always getting in new arrivals as well. I also got to meet the shop mascot, Coco, she was such a sweetie. Check out their Facebook page at or check them out on-line at or stop in and talk to Dave, he would be happy to assist you with any and all of your biking needs. Touright Bicycle Shop is open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm & Saturday 9am-4pm now through Septembe

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